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  • premier amusement rides manufacturer in China
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  • premier amusement rides manufacturer in China
  • premier amusement rides manufacturer in China

Your Reliable Amusement Rides Manufacturer and Supplier in China

  • 28+ Years Amusement Rides Manufacturing Experience
  • 50+ Amusement Rides Patents
  • 168+Amusement Rides for Sale
  • Certified By CE/BV/ISO/GOST
  • Full Support on Installation and Training

SINORIDES Manufactures All Types of Amusement Rides

Sinorides offer 168+ Amusement Rides for Sale with Different Designs and Types of Thrill Rides, Family Rides and Kids Rides for You to Choose. You Can Buy the Latest Amusement Rides Here as Sinorides Have a Professional R&D Team to do the Design and Development with More Than 50 Patents.

pirate ship
Sinorides range of thrill rides goes from Drop Tower Ride to Pirate Ship Ride, either standard or customized.
Sinorides provide 100+ Family Rides for Sale with different types such as flying chair ride, Tagada rides, teacup rides for sale, airborne shot ride, etc.
Apache Rides
Sinorides Kiddie Rides include carousel rides for sale, bumper cars for sale, train rides for sale and kids roller coaster for sale, etc.
Sinorides is the No.1 tower Rides manufacturer in China that provides 12-40m drop tower rides and swing tower ride for sale.
Sinorides Pirate Ship Theme Park Ride-project
Sinorides provide Pirate Ship Ride with different design and fiberglass boat to attract more park visitors.
Sinorides Ferris wheel project
Sinorides manufactures various Ferris wheel ride, 50+ models of Ferris wheel for sale, got CE certification.
Sinorides Amusement Rides
You can buy different types of trackless trains for sale from Sinorides to increase your park income.
Sinorides 12 seats carnival carousel ride for sale
Sinorides can provide you full-size carousel rides with strong performance and affordable prices.
flying chair amusement park equipment
Sinorides can manufacture12P, 16P, 24P, 36P, 42P, or even larger flying chair ride according to your requirement.
Sinorides Amusement Rides
Sinorides provide various types of roller coaster for sale, such as wild mouse roller coaster, suspended roller coaster, and backyard roller coaster for sale, etc.
From 6 seats to 30 seats or even more seats, Sinorides can provide you a wide range of pendulum rides for sale.
ceiling bumper cars for sale in Malaysia
Our selection includes Ground grid bumper cars,Ceiling bumper cars,Electric bumper cars,Battery bumper cars,Kids bumper cars,Portable bumper cars.

About SinoridesYour Expert Amusement Rides Supplier

Sinorides is a reputable amusement ride manufacturer and supplier based in China, with over 28 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting.

We offer a wide range of 168+ amusement rides for sale, including thrill rides, family rides, and more. All our amusement rides are CE certified and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

In addition to supplying top-quality rides, Sinorides also provides comprehensive support for the installation and training of your amusement park rides.

As an ISO certified factory, we have successfully exported our products to over 120 countries worldwide. Our reliability is evidenced by the trust placed in us by 2396+ amusement parks‎ and theme parks.
  • amusement rides cutting machine
  • Sinorides Amusement Rides
  • Sinorides Amusement Rides
  • Sinorides Amusement Rides

Sinorides Capacity

Professional Amusement Rides Manufacturer

Amusement Rides Material Process & Machining
4000W high-performance laser cutting machine, +/- 0.05mm accuracy. No burr, no scratching.
Amusement Rides Welding
Our workers have the Certificate of Welder and most of them are experienced in welding to ensure the welding process in accordance with the National Standards GB8408-2008.
Amusement Rides FRP Parts Production
At least three times polishing; Painting, and Baking; Dust-free spraying room.
Amusement Rides Producing
In strict accordance with the TECHNICAL DRAWINGS and Install the rides together

Amusement Park Design & Layout

Sinorides has provided planning and design services for more than 10,000 amusement parks, including large, medium, and small theme parks.
You can get the perfect solution for your park design here.


Features: Amusement Park With 15 Rides & Attractions, Including Kids Rides, Family Rides and Thrill Rides.


Features: Outdoor and Indoor Amusement Park with a Range of Rides & Attractions for All Ages.


Features: Straightforward Theme Park Featuring Classic Rides, Including a Ferris wheel, Swing Chair Rides, Mimi Roller Coaster, Tagada, etc.


Features: Internationally Themed Amusement Park a Full Range of Rides & Attractions, Including Roller Coasters, Ferris wheel, Big Pendulum,

Why SINORIDES Be Trusted by 2396+ Amusement Parks?

premier amusement rides manufacturer in China
28+ Years’ Experience
Sinorides has over 28 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting amusement rides. They have exported to more than 120 countries, including the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Oman, Nigeria, Fiji, Algeria, Russia, Myanmar, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom , France and Italy.
premier amusement rides manufacturer in China
Meet European Standards
Sinorides ensures reliable quality for your amusement rides by utilizing international brand accessories. Our rides are equipped with Siemens electrical systems, including PLC and motors, which provide precise control. Additionally, we use Japan bearings that can withstand high levels of friction.
premier amusement rides manufacturer in China
Full Set of Certification
Sinorides amusement rides are certified by CE/BV/ISO/GOST/SGS and meet EN13814 standards, ensuring their safety and reliability. Additionally, all of our amusement rides undergo a rigorous 80+ hour full load test before shipping.
premier amusement rides manufacturer in China
Full Support on Installation & Training
Sinorides makes installation of amusement rides easy by providing installation videos, drawings, and operation manuals. Additionally, if needed, Sinorides can send experienced installation engineers to your local site for the installation process.
premier amusement rides manufacturer in China
Park Design Service
Sinorides has extensive experience in providing planning and design services for numerous theme parks, including Fun Valley, Joyland, Snober Land, and many more. We offer a complimentary 2D and 3D design service for your amusement park project. Contact us today to take advantage of this opportunity.
premier amusement rides manufacturer in China
Accept ODM and OEM Orders
As a professional amusement ride manufacturer, Sinorides can support your customization needs for the appearance of your rides. This includes options such as painting, lighting, and music.

One-stop Solution for Your Amusement Park Business

Sinorides has 168+ amusement rides for you to choose from, free theme park design service, accept ODM and OEM orders,
full support on your amusement rides installation.

Global Amusement Park Projects for Clients Worldwide

Sinorides has 28 years of experience in manufacturing amusement rides. Our products have been exported to over 120 countries and we are trusted by more than 2396 amusement parks and theme parks worldwide.
premier amusement rides manufacturer in China
What does it look like for a small but beautiful amusement park? Sinorides' Korean client shows us in a beautiful way!
premier amusement rides manufacturer in China
Sinorides offer amusement rides like 25M ferris wheel, Tea cup rides, Macarons Carousel rides, and Flying Chair rides,Bumper cars,Mini Plane and more.
Joy land in Pakistan
The park is one of the largest recreation parks in the city. Sinorides manufactured pirate ship rides, tagada rides, small pendulum rides, tea cup rides, and some other kids rides.
premier amusement rides manufacturer in China
As an amusement rides manufacturer, Sinorides has a bunch of successful cases of park projects, however, this is the first time we show you the case in the form of videos.
Snober Land in Algeria
Snober Land is a very successful comprehensive amusement park, Sinorides design and manufactured tower rides, pirate ship rides, carousel rides, 360 pendulum rides, spiral jet rides, bumper car rides, and carousel rides for our client.
Fun World in India
Sinorides worked out a project proposal according to the detailed status of the clients’ side. Then the park was built as our design and all rides are finished installing and testing on the client site in around two months.
Fun valley in Myanmar
Fun Valley is one of the largest theme parks in Myanmar. With tailored Sinorides theme park design and amusement rides, Fun Valley created minions in yearly revenue for their park business.
premier amusement rides manufacturer in China
Amusement rides purchased from sinorides:Luxury Carousel, Bumper Car, Coffee Cup ride, Energy Storm, Jumping Frog, Mini Ferris Wheel, Small Pendulum ride, Mini Shuttle, Rocking Tug

Customer Feedback on Our Amusement Rides

Sinorides boasts over 10,000 customer cases worldwide. Hear what our customers have to say about our amusement rides.
Russia Client
Russia Client
Russia Ferris wheel park project review
Sri Lanka Client
Sri Lanka Client
Backyard roller coaster review of Sinorides

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Find Reliable Amusement Rides Manufacturer and Supplier in China?

There are many amusement ride manufacturers in China.

You need to look for amusement rides manufacturers with special equipment production qualifications so that the amusement rides quality can be guaranteed.

In addition to qualification, you should also check the amusement rides manufacturer’s development, design, and after-sales service to ensure you find the most qualified amusement rides manufacturer.
How to Visit the Amusement Rides Factory?

You have two options for your visit to the amusement rides factory.

Option 1:
You need to discuss your visit with the amusement rides manufacturer.

The amusement rides manufacturer will send you a business invitation letter, plan and arrange your visit to their factory.

Option 2:
You plan and make the visit to the amusement rides factory by yourself.

You need to arrange the invitation letter, passport, flight, hotel and other things by yourself.
How to Choose the Right Amusement Rides?

First, you should confirm your investment budget for the park project.

You need to purchase the amusement rides that appeal to your local clients' favor and meet your budget.

If you don't know how to choose amusement rides, you can ask the amusement rides manufacturer to offer the most suitable amusement rides based on your requirement.
Can I Customize the Amusement Rides?

Yes, you can customize your amusement rides appearance such as the painting, lights, and music, etc.

A professional amusement rides manufacturer will support your requirement.
How to Design My Theme Park?

If your park is a large comprehensive park, you can pay to find a professional design company to plan and design for you.

If your park is small or medium, you can require the amusement rides manufacturer to provide you free design services, including 2D graphic design and 3D Maya design.
How To Install The Amusement Rides?
most professional amusement ride manufacturers like Sinorides have a dedicated team of
engineers you can hire to install your amusement ride.
However, amusement ride owners are required to fulfill the following for the installation team:
• Pay for installation-related expanses.
• Pay for Accommodation
• Pay for Round-trip Flight Tickets, Visas, and Local Transportation
• Pay wage of US $100/per day/person
• Arrange Chinese to a local language translator
How To Operate The Amusement Rides?
Every type of amusement ride requires a different method of operation.
Therefore, you are required to hire the manufacturer’s training services.

In this service, the manufacturer will provide a team of professionals who will train your staff for operation, safety for operation.

However, you as an owner are responsible for the trainer’s related costs, including Visa, round-trip flight tickets, accommodation, commuting cost, language translators, and a wage of US $100/per day/person.
How To Repair The Amusement Rides?
For repairing the Amusement ride, you need to call an in-house team of technical support.

If the problem is beyond their reach, you can avail the technical support service from the ride’s manufacturer, who will troubleshoot the problem, and repair or replace any faulty spare part.

The manufacturer may not charge for the repairing services if your product is eligible under warranty.
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